Photograph Collections

Photograph Collections at the Redwood Library have been sorted into three overarching collections: Newport, Redwood and General. The Newport Collection of Photographs contains smaller collections that capture different aspects of life in Newport, including homes, families, ships, natural disasters, and sporting events from the late 19th century. As is suggested by the name, the Redwood Collection of Photographs features photos of the exterior, interior, and grounds of the Redwood Library. This includes the oldest known photo of the Library, taken in 1858. Our final collection is comprised of the other photos that have been added to the holdings of the Redwood Library, to contribute to various areas of study, but do not feature Newport or the Redwood Library.


The photograph collections of the Redwood Library are currently being processed by interns from Salve Regina University and Redwood volunteers. When the records are complete, they will be accessible through the Redwood Library’s PastPerfect Online research site, linked here.