Current Exhibitions

Slim Aarons: A Wonderful Life


Working in partnership with Getty Images and in collaboration with Newport Curates, the exhibition is the first devoted to the Newport and New England photographs of renowned lifestyle photographer Slim Aarons (1916-2006). The Redwood being the sole venue, the show will bring together over fifty photographs drawn from the Slim Aarons archive held by Getty Images in London.

In a forty-year career as a globe-trotting, freelance photographer capturing “attractive people… doing attractive things in attractive places” for magazines such as Holiday, Town & Country, Life, and Travel & Leisure, Aarons produced a corpus of distinctly styled photographs that establish him as the ultimate chronicler of the post-war beau monde from Acapulco to St Moritz.

July 11 – December 15, 2024

Van Alen Gallery

Aaron Draper Shattuck, Through the Trees, 1857, oil on paper. 6 ¼ inches in diameter.

This Drop of Earth: American Landscape Miniatures, 1840-1890

In many accounts of artistic practice, miniature-scaled works are assigned subsidiary roles, valued as mere precursors to later, larger, and more significant compositions. Subverting familiar expectations in the history of the landscape genre, the more than 100 paintings, drawings, and photographs included in This Drop of Earth: American Landscape Miniatures, 1840-1890 demonstrate the multifaceted ways small pictures were big business in nineteenth-century America, related to but independent from their larger siblings.


Drawn from a lauded private collection, this exhibition is the first to recognize and contextualize the prominent practice of painting highly finished and miniature-scaled compositions. Often called “cabinet” pictures for the small rooms or cabinets where they were displayed, these paintings are remarkable for their intricate detail and technical prowess. The installation will include paintings by many prominent landscape painters of the period including Frederic Edwin Church, Jasper Francis Cropsey, Robert Seldon Duncanson, Sanford Robinson Gifford, Winslow Homer, John Frederick Kensett, Ralph Albert Blakelock, and Aaron Draper Shattuck.


Comprising small-scale works from all areas of the Americas, including South America and the Northern, Southern, and Western United States, this installation illustrates the complexity, nuance, and regional resonances of such pictures. By distilling huge vistas of the natural world into portable, possessable pictures, the miniature landscape format became increasingly desirable during the nineteenth century. The chronicle of this phenomenon offers new understandings for American landscape painting and its history.


Curated by Caroline Culp, Ph.D.

June 20, 2024 – January 5, 2025

Peirce Prince Gallery