Decorative Arts Gallery

Silver Teapot, c.1745-1750. Samuel Casey (c.1723-c.1773). South Kingstown & Newport, RI.

This teapot has particularly fine engraving at the shoulder. The earliest monogram on this teapot is that of Sarah Pope (1742-1819), who was married to William Redwood (son of our founder Abraham Redwood) in 1757.

Spectacles, ca. 18th century.

These spectacles once belonged to Abraham Redwood, founder of the Redwood Library. Circular lens holders are filled with clear glass lenses within tortoise-shell frames and earpieces are adjustable in length by folding. The artist is unknown.

Claggett Clock, c.1728-1740. William Claggett (1696-1749). Newport, RI.

After more than 150 years in the seafaring family of Captain John Stanton, this tall-case clock was a gift to the Library in 1946 from Bishop Samuel Babcock, a descendant of John Stanton. The clock on poplar basewood has a black Japanned-lacquer case with gilt foliage. A special feature is the day-of-the-week slot placed above the numeral VI. The sub-dial in the upper left-hand corner has a hand that indicates the time of high tide, which advances at 47.5 minutes per day.