Jay Sullivan Presents The New Nimble

April 10, 2024, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Join us for a discussion with Jay Sullivan, author of The New Nimble: Leading in the Age of Change.  Sullivan, who has deep Newport roots, has spent his career listening to and learning from leaders in a wide spectrum of industries. The New Nimble, his third book, profiles how senior professionals in nine industries including higher education, consulting, government, and professional sports, have become more nimble thinkers as they guide their organizations and their teams through constant, sometimes abrupt, change.

Over the last few years, the whole world has had to adjust—and then readjust— repeatedly, as world events forced us to rethink our health, our safety, the stability of our major institutions, and the relationships that form our social fabric. Every time we settled into what we thought was our “new normal,” the ground shifted under our feet yet again and we felt uncertain and unsettled. That vulnerability has tremendous costs to our finances, our confidence, and our psyche. But it has also taught us to be more flexible and creative in the way we approach problems and more open to living with more fluid circumstances.


Jay Sullivan has spent 25 coaching professionals on their communication and leadership skills.  He is a 1984 graduate of Boston College and a1989 graduate of Fordham Law School.  He is the author of Raising Gentle Men: Lives at the Orphanage Edge, and Simply Said: Communicating Better at Work & Beyond, as well as more than 70 articles for Forbes and other publications.


Wednesday, April 10th

6 pm

Harrison Room


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