Jane Stuart’s Halloween

October 29, 2015, 1:32 pm

Visitors to and members of the Redwood Library recognize the importance of the name Jane Stuart. She was a visionary painter, and daughter to one of the fathers of American painting — Gilbert Stuart. It’s easy to forget that Jane was an average person, despite her talents and place in history. She dressed up for costume parties, where she ate, drank and made merry like everyone else. Jane and her sisters, although not very wealthy, did what they could to celebrate this time of year in their youth.

Jane is reported to have served apple cider and ginger cookies to whoever came to visit on the last night of October. A few years ago, the Redwood Library put on their own Jane Stuart Costume Party, and even served the same refreshments in honor of Jane’s tradition. Please enjoy these pictures of the lovely Jane Stuart in her many costumes, and have a happy and safe Halloween! 


Jane Stuart as Mrs. Briggs


Jane as one of the stepsisters from Cinderella


Jane as a Gorilla

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