The Spring 2019 Life of Mind Salon Series

The evening starts with a wine and cheese reception at 5:30 pm, followed by the lecture at 6:00 pm. Complimentary for Members and $10 for Non-members. Call 401-847-0292 for reservations or register online.

Wednesday, March 27

Harlem: Lost and Foundhistorian Michael Henry Adams will present an architectural and social history of Harlem.

Wednesday, April 3

Waterfront Manhattanauthor Kurt C. Schlichting tells the story of the Manhattan waterfront as a struggle between public and private control of New York’s priceless asset.


Wednesday, April 10


Wednesday, April 17

 The Eloquence of Shadowsfamed watercolorist Hugh Buchanan shares his approach to painting classic architectural building and landscapes.

Wednesday, April 24

King Philip's War, Joseph Rusnak, Assistant Programs Director at the Redwood, discusses the causes that led Colonial New England to its first Indian War.


Wednesday, May 2

God, War, and Providence, James Warren tells the remarkable and little-known story of the alliance between Roger Williams’ Rhode Island and the Narragansett Indians, and how they joined forces to retain their autonomy and their distinctive ways of life against Puritan encroachment.

Wednesday, May 8

Nineteenth-Century Publishers and the Birth of the Beach Read, professor Donna Harrington-Lueker explores the beginning of summer reading and the backlash against it.