Books missing from the Original Collection

More than 90 percent of the Original Collection's approximately 1522 volumes survive either in their original copies or in replacement copies, a number having disappeared when the Library was used as a British officers' club during the American Revolution. Since our bicentennial in 1947 we have mounted an effort to identify replacement volumes. As a part of our 250th anniversary celebration we renewed this effort.


The following Volumes are still missing as of October 2015:



71. Marshall's Chronological Tables

Marshall, Benjamin, b. 1682 or 3.

Chronological tables in which are contain'd not only all the chief things of sacred history from the creation of the world 'till Christ's time, but also all other the most remarkable things of those times that are recorded in any of the ancient writers now extant... Printed at the Theater in Oxford, 1712-13.




144. Fritsch's Art of Painting

Lairesse, Gérard de, 1640-1711; translated by John Frederick Fritsch.

The art of painting, in all its branches, methodically demonstrated by discourses and plates, and exemplified by remarks on the paintings of the best masters... London, printed for the author, and sold by J. Brotherton..., 1738.


158. Miller's Art of Rigging a Ship

[Miller, Thomas. The compleat modellist. Editions published 1664, 1667, 1676, 1684, 1699]


181. Stephens's Italian Book-keeping

Stephens, Hustcraft.

Italian book-keeping, reduced into an art being an entire new and compleat system of accompts in general... [two possible editions: one 1735, one 1745?]


185. Universal Library of Trade and Commerce

The universal library of trade and commerce; or, a general magazine for gentlemen, ladies,... Containing I The art of penmanship... VII A vocabulary... of terms used by merchants... London, printed for J. Robinson, 1747.



222. Virgilius in Usum Delph.


[P. Virgihi Maronis opera interpretatione et notis illustravit Carolus Ruaus... ad usuin serenissimi Delphini... ; many possible editions)


236. Clavis Virgiliana.

Clavis Virgiliana: or, a vocabulary of all the words in Virgil's Bucolics, Georgics, and Æneid... [two possible editions: 1742 (the more likely), and 1749]


267. Sallust, by Cooke.


The works of Sallust, translated into English, with annotations, and A review of Roman history... To which is added the life of Sallust.... By William Cooke... London, printed for the author..., 1746.


355. Entertaining Correspondent. 2 vols.

The entertaining correspondent. Or curious relations, digested into familiar letters, and conversations. Being a choice and valuable collection of very remarkable histories with regard to travels, voyages, governments,... London, printed for James Hodges and John James, 1739.


359. Stevenson's Sacred History

Stevenson, William, 1683?-1760.

[The] Sacred history: containing L The history of the Old Testament: IL The life of our blessed Savi6ur: IlI The actions of the Apostles. To which is added, the whole faith and duty of a Christian, methodically explain[e/ ']d in the words of Scripture... [two possible editions: 1717 and 1731]


366. Sharpe's (Archbishop of York) Sermons. 7 vols 

Sharp, John, 1645-1714.

[The seven volumes of his collected sermons were published individually in many editions between 1716 and 1749, though the only edition reported in ESTC with a collective title page is dated 1749; 1748, on basis of listings in 1810 ms. and 1860 cat.]


369. Stennett's Sermons, &c. 4 vols.

Stennett, Joseph, 1663-1713.

The works of the late Reverend and learned Mr. Joseph Stennett... London, printed for J. Darby...,1731-1732 [1732?, on basis of listing in 1810 ms.]


382. Rymer Of Revealed Religion

Rymer, Thomas, 1641-1713.

A general representation of reveal'd religion: in which the chief prejudices that have been entertain'd against it, are examin'd; and the practical end propos'd by it, recommended, and rescued from unfaithful evasions. London, printed for J. Walthoe, Junior, 1723.


399. Hutchinson on Witchcraft.

Hutchinson, Francis. An historical essay concerning witchcraft. 2nd edn. 1720


400. Young gentleman and lady instructed. 2 vols.

The young gentleman and lady instructed in such principles as will lay a foundation for gaining respect in this life, and eternal happiness in a future state. 1747. 2 vols.


409. Boerbaave Aphorismi

Boerhaave, Herman, 1668-1738.

[probably a continental edition; the only Latin-language edition published in Britain before 1750 was a I2mo Edinburgh edition of 1744]


420. Stahl's Philosophical Principles of Phy sick

Stahl, Georg Ernst, 1660-1734.

[Philosophical principles of universal chemistry: or, the foundation of a scientfical manner of inquiring into and preparing the natural and artificial bodies for the uses of life:.... Drawn from the Collegium Jenense of Dr. George Ernest Stahl. By Peter Shaw MD. London, printed for John Osborn and Thomas Longman, 1730; this would appear to be the only possibility, but the difference between "physick" and "chemistry" in the title does leave some doubt]


424. Martin's Essays, Medical and Philosophical

Martine, George, 1702-1741.

Essays medical and philosophicaL London, printed for A. Millar, 1740.


440. Essays on the Animal Oeconomy, &c

[Keill, James, 1673-1719.

Essays on several parts of the animal oeconomy.... The fourth edition. To which is added, a dissertation concerning the force of the heart, by James Jurin... Also Medicina statica Britannica,... by James Keill... London, printed for George Strahan, 1738; this seems to be the best candidate, although there are several works by different authors which include the words essay and animal oeconomy, including an anonymous work of 1734 (Physical essays on the parts of the human body and animal oeconony) and a 1721 work by James Handley (Mechanical essays on the animal oeconomy)]


442. Family Companion for Health

Strother, Edward, 1675-1737.

The family companion for health: or plain, easy, and certain rules, which being punctually observ'd and follow'd, will [infallibly] keep families free from diseases, and procure them a long life. [two editions: 1729 and 1730]


451. Hawkin's Summary of the Crown Law. 2 vols.

Hawkins, William, 1673-1746.

A summary of the Crown-law by way of abridginent of Serjeant Hawkins's Pleas of the crown. [London], In the Savoy: printed by E. and R. Nutt, and R. Gosling, (assigns of Edw. Sayer, Esq;) for John Walthoe, 1728.


459. Treatise of Naval Trade and Commerce. 2 vols.

A general treatise of naval trade and commerce, as founded on the laws and statutes of this realm...[London], In the Savoy: printed by E. and R. Nutt, and R. Gosling (assigns of Edw. Sayer, Esq;) for E. Symon; and J. Crokatt, 1738-1739.


467. Tancred's Essay for a Regulation of the Law

Tancred, Christopher, 1689-1754.

An essay for a general regulation of the law, and the more easy and speedy advancement of justice... [two editions: both London, 1727]


468. Compleat Constable

Gardiner, Robert.

The [compleat/complete] constable. [All] Directing constables,headboroughs, tithingmen, church-wardens, overseers of the poor ... [all four of the editions noted in ESTC are I2mo: 1708, 1710, 1717, 1724; the 1724 edition is the only one with 'complete']


487. Costar's Progress of Astronomy

Costard, George, 1710-1782.

[A letter to Martin Folkes Esq; ... concerning the rise and progress of astronomy amongst the antients. London, printed by Jacob Ilive, for T. Osborne, and H. Hild yard, at York, 1746; this seems likelier than the same author's 1748 work: A further account of the rise and progress of astronomy amongst the antients, in three letters to Martin Folkes, Esq;]


492. Martin's Trigonometer's Guide. 2 vols.

Martin, Benjamin, 1705-1782.

The young trigonometer's compleat guide. Being the mystery and rationale of plain trigonometry made clear and easy... London, printed for 3. Noon, 1736. [1736, on basis, of listing in 1810 ms.]


494. Harris's Trigonometry. l2mo.

Harris, John, 1667?-1719.

Elements of plain and spherical trigonometry; together with the principles of spherick geometry, and the several projections of the sphere in plano ... London, printed for Dan. Midwinter, 1714. [this is the only I2mo edition listed in ESTC; there are also 8vo editions]


504. De la Hire's Conic Sections

La Hire, Philippe de, 1640-1718.

New elements of conick sections: together with a method for their description on a plane. Translated from the French ireatise ofMr. De la Hire. By Brian Robinson. [three editions in ESTC: 1704, 1723, and 1729]


508. Hauxley's Navigation. 2 vols.

Hauxley, Edward.

Navigation unvail'd; or, a new and complete system of navigation in all its branches…London, printed for the author, and sold by W. Mount and T. Page; and J. Hodges, 1743.


511. Hill's Arithmetic, by Hatton

Hill, John.

Arithmetick, both In theory and practice made plain and easy in all the common and useful rules:.. The sixth edition accurately revised corrected and improved by E. Hatton…[Dublin], London printed: and Dublin reprinted, by and for M. Fuller, 1736.


515. Langley's Measuring

Langley, Batty, 1696-1751.

The measurer's jewel. Exhibiting rules and analogies for the mensuration of all kinds of geometrical figures... London, printed for J. Wilcox, 1742.


534. Smith's Carpenter's Companion

Smith, James.

The carpenters companion: being an accurate and compleat treatise of carpenters works …London, printed for J. Millan, 1733.


538. Bradley On the Four Elements

Bradley, Richard, 1688-1732.

Ten practical discourses concerning [the four elements/earth and water, fire and air] as they relate to the growth of plants... [two editions: 1727 and 1733]


551. Bracken's Farriery Improv'd. 2 vols.

Bracken, Henry, 1697-1764.

Farriery improved: or, a compleat treatise upon the art of farriery... [ESTC lists three 8vo editions, which are all in one volume: London 1737 (xvi, [8]) 616, [26] p.) and Dublin editions of 1737 (xv, [1], 382) [26] p.) and 1749 (vii, [1], 248, [16] p.); there is only one record for a two-volume edition (6th ed., 1749), though there are records for a separate volume two (1740; 2nd ed., also 1740; 3rd ed. 1743; 4th ed. 1749); the work appears to have been first published in 1737 (the 8vo ed. listed above), with the first l2mo ed. in 1739; the Redwood copy is likely to have consisted of one or the other of these editions of the first volume, with one of the four editions of vol.2 mentioned above]


558. Neale's Directions for Gentlemen, who have electrical machines . . .

Neale, John, before 1725-after 1758

Directions for Gentlemen, who have electrical machines, how to proceed in making their experiments. Illustrated with cuts. London, printed for the author, in the year 1747.


562. Bouhour's Art of Criticism

Bouhours, Dominique, 1628-1702.

The art of criticism: or, the method of making a right judgment upon the subjects ofwit and learning... London, printed for D. Brown; and A. Roper, 1705.


572. Buffier's French Grammar

Buffier, Claude, 1661-1737.

A French grammar on a new plan... London, printed for W. Hinchliffe, 1734.


573. Kelly's French Idioms

Kelly, John, 1680?-1751.

French idioms, with the English adapted. Design'd for the use of those, who would speak; or translate from, that (almost) universal language, with propriety. London, printed for J. Batley and J. Wood, 1736.


574. Kelly's Italian Grammar

Kelly, john, 1680?-1751.  

A new and useful introduction ot the Italian. London: Printed for J. Wilcox, 1739.


593. Boyer's Ingenious Companion

Boyer, Abel, 1,667-1729.

The wise and ingenious companion, French and English. [three editions, each with parallel English and French titlepages and texts: 1707, 1723, and 1741]



623. Ashby's Young Analyst's Exercise

Ashby, Samuel.

The young analyst's exercise... [two editions: 1737 and 1741]


624. Bedford's Horae Mathernaticae Vacuae

Bedford, Arthur, 1668-1745.

Horae mathematicae vacuae: or a treatise of the golden and ecliptick numbers. London, printed for J. Clarke, 1743 [ESTC lists this as an 8vo edition, but it is the only one listed]


631. Bohours's Ingenious Sayings

Bouhours, Dominique, 1628-1702.

[Pensées ingénieuse: or, a collection of the bright sayings, sublime thoughts, and witty sentences, of the most celebrated Fathers of the church... London, printed for C. Corbett; and W. Warner, 1736; because of the use in the title of 'sayings' this edition seems likelier than the other possibility: Ingenious thoughts of the Fathers of the Church. Collected by Bohours in French. Translated into English. London, printed by R. Phillips… 1727


638. Cambray's Fables and Dialogues

Fénelon, François de Salignac de La Mothe-, 1651-1715.

Fables and dialogues of the dead... [three editions: 1722, 1723, and 1735]


655. Digby's Quintus Curtius. 2 vols.

Curtius Rufus, Quintus.

[Quintus Curtius his/The] History of the wars of Alexander [the Great) ... [three editions: 1714, 1726, and 1747]


666. Fuller's Introduction ad Sapientiam. 2 vols.

Fuller, Thomas, 1654-1734.

Introductio ad sapientiam: or, the art of right thinking, assisted and improved by such notions as men of sense and experience have left us in their writings, in order to eradicate error, and plant knowledge. London, printed for W. Innys, 1731.


673. Gentleman Accomptant

North, Roger, 1653-1734.

The gentleman accomptant or, an essay to unfold the mystery of accompts, by way of debitor and creditor, commonly called merchants accompts... [two 12mo editions: 1715 and1721]


678. History of Lewis XIV. 3 vols.

Banks, John, 1709-1751.  The history of the life and reign of Lewis XIV, Fing of France and Navarre.  Containing an exact and comprehensive relation of all the battles...extracted from the best writers of the French and other nations.  In three volumes. London: Printed for James Hodges, 1742-1743.


679. History of Man. 2 vols.

The history of man: displaying the various powers, faculties, capacities, virtues, vices, and defects of the human mind... London, printed for M. Cooper, 1746. [perhaps an abridgment of Nathaniel Wanley's Wonders of the little world)


689. Kirbys English Grammar

Kirkby, John,~l705-1754.

A new English grammar, or, guide to the English tongue, with notes... London, printed for R. Manby and H. S. Cox, 1746.


694. Law's Serious Call, Law, William, 1686-1761.

A serious call to a devout and holy life. Adapted to the state and condition of all orders of Christians. [three 12mo editions: 1733, 1739, 1744]


702. Life of Osman the Great. 2 vols.

Gomez, Madame de, 1684-1770.

The life of Osman the Great, Emperor of the Turks; who first attempted the conquest of Poland, and the uniting that Kingdom to the dominions of the Ottoman Porte... London, printed for J. Hazard..., 1735.


710. Continuation of Don Quixote. 2 vols.

Fernández de Avellaneda, Alonso.

The history of he life and adventures of he famous knight Don Quixote,de la Mancha, and his humourous squire Sancho Panca, continued... London, printed for Paul Vaillant, 1745.


711. Odes of Horace

[many, many editions]


716. Poems publish'd by Ralph

Ralph, James, d. 1762.

Miscellaneous poems, by several hands... Publish'd by Mr. Ralph. London, printed by C. Ackers, for W. Meadows..., 1729.


717. Polite Epistolary Correspondent

[Polite epistolary correspondence. A collection of letters, on the most instructive and entertaining subjects; ESTC has a record for the 1751 2nd ed. of this work, compiled by John Campbell, but no record for a previous appearance)


731. Salmon's Modern Gazetteer

Salmon, Thomas, 1679-1767. The modern gazetteer: or, a short view of the several nations of the world. Absolutely necessary for rendering the public news, and other historical occurrences, intelligible and entertaining... [three editions: London 1746) Dublin 1746 (called 2nd ed.), and London 1747 (called 2nd ed.)]


740. Trapp's Popery Truly Stated.

Trapp, Joseph, 1679-1747.

Popery truly stated, and briefly confuted... [two 12mo editions: 1727 and 1745]


743. Vernon's Compleat Counting House

Vernon, John.

The compleat compting-house: or, the young lad taken from the writing-school, and fully instructed... [many 12mo editions in ESTC: 1703(4th ed.), 1722 (5th ed.), 1727 (5th ed.), 1740? (8thed.), 1741 (8th ed.); Wing has 1678 8vo edition and a 1683 l2mo edition)



BOOKS IN OCTAVO &c.        

805.  Anatomia P. Ver Heyen.

Ver Heyen, Phillipus. Corporis Humani Anatomiae. A new edn. Amsterdam, 8vo.


806.  Barclay on education.

Barclay, James. A treatise on education. 1749. 12mo.    


812.  Cartesii item per mundum.

Daniel, Gabriel. Novae difficultates Peripatetico propositae auctori itineris per mundum    Cartesii circa cognitionem brutorum.


819.  Euripides Tragediae duae, Gr. & Lat.

Euripides. Euripides Tragoediae duae, Medea et Alcestis. Edinburgh, 1722. 8vo.        


822.  Hervey’s Discourse of the small-pox.

Harvey, Gideon. A new discourse of the small-pox and malignant fevers. 1685. 12mo.


823.  Herodiani Historiarum libri octo.

Many editions available.


835.  Lexicon Manuale Graeco-Latinum.

Schrevelius, Cornelius. Lexicon Manuale Graeco-Latinum et Latino-Graecum. 1717. 8vo.

Edited by Joseph Hill.


837.  List of Society of Arts, &c.

Society for the Encouragement of Arts, manufactures and commerce. Premiums offered by the Society. 1758? 8vo.


841.  Osborn’s Catalogue of books. 2 vols.

Osborne, Thomas. Catalogue of the libraries of the late Right Hon. Henry Lord  Viscount  Colerane, the Hon. Mr. Baron Clarke, the Revd. Samuel Dunster, D.D. and many others. 1754. 2 vols. 8vo.


851.  Rohaulti Physica.

Rohault, Jacques. J. Rohaulti Physica. 4th ed. 1718. 8vo.


854.  Shuckford’s Connection. 3 vols.            

Shuckford, Samuel. The sacred and profane history of the world connected. 2nd ed.  1731-1737. 3 vols. 8vo.


859.  Observations on a book entitled, An Introductory discourse to a larger work.

Stebbing, Henry. Observations on a book, intituled, An Introductory discourse to a larger  work, &c. 1747. 8vo. 


860.  Dodwells’ Free answer to Dr. Middleton’s Free enquiry.

Dodwell, William. A free answer to Dr. Middleton’s Free inquiry into the miraculous powers of the primitive church. 1749. 8vo.


861.  Toll’s Defence of Dr. Middleton’s Free enquiry against Mr. Dodwell’s Free answer.       

Toll, Frederick. A defence of Dr. Middleton’s Free enquiry against Mr. Dodwell’s Free answer. 1749. 8vo.               


863.  Remarks on two pamphlets against Dr. Middleton’s Introductory discourse.

Middleton, Conyers. Remarks on two pamphlets lately published against Dr Middleton’s Introductory discourse. 1748. 8vo.

Refers to the pamphlet by Stebbing, no. 859, and T. D.’s. Jesuit-Cabal farther opened.


 866.  Twelve Philadelphia Magazines.

The General Magazine, and Historical Chronicle, for all the British plantations in   America.  Philadelphia, Jan.-June, 1741. The American Magazine; or a Monthly view of the political state of the British colonies. Philadelphia, Jan.-March, 1741.