Highlights From the Children's Collection: Creativity!

Fri, 05/03/2019 - 10:19am -- baglio

April showers may bring May flowers, by the spring rains can also leave you stuck indoors a lot of the time.  That makes it the perfect time for a bit of creativity: painting, drawing, dancing, singing, making and creative play!  Whatever you enjoy and whatever your age, these books will spark your creativity and help you survive 'till the sun is shining again.

 Animal Shapes, by Christopher Silas Neil

Animal Shapes

by Christopher Silas Neil

When a cozy cat meets a circle, they make a . . .Purrrrrcle

In this delightful board book with striking images, Christopher Silas Neal combines animals and shapes to form a unique, inventive objective. Children will have endless fun guessing what brand-new, made-up animal will appear next! This book will have kids playing and guessing with each reread!


The Word Collector, by Peter H. Reynolds

The Word Collector

by Peter H. Reynolds

Some people collect stamps. Some people collect coins. Some people collect art. And Jerome? Jerome collected words . . .

In this extraordinary new tale from Peter H. Reynolds, Jerome discovers the magic of the words all around him -- short and sweet words, two-syllable treats, and multisyllable words that sound like little songs. Words that connect, transform, and empower.


Black Bear, Red Fox: Colors in Cree, by Julie Flett

Black Bear, Red Fox: Colours in Cree

by Julie Flett

This beautiful board book demonstrates both colours and North american wildlife in English as well as in Cree, along with a guide ot Cree pronunciation.  For the earliest readers, it is a simple, elegant vocabulary book.  For older reders it is an enchanting introduction to the linguistic intricacies of Plains Cree.

Claris: The Chicest Mouse in Paris, by Megan Hess

Claris: The Chicest Mouse in Paris

by Megan Hess

An infectious rhyming tale about courage, compassion and a stylish little mouse, from international fashion illustrator Megan Hess.

Claris: The Chicest Mouse in Paris follows an adorable mouse who dreams of moving to Paris to follow her fashion dreams. One day, she bravely takes the leap – only to find a mean little girl with a horrible-looking cat standing in the way of her perfect Parisian apartment! Can Claris use all her wit, warmth and – of course – style to make her dreams come true?

Dog Loves Drawing, by Louise Yeats

Dog Loves Drawing

by Louise Yeats

Dog loves books, but one day he receives a strange one in the mail—it's blank! Soon, Dog realizes that this book is not for reading, but for drawing. Before long, Dog is doodling and drawing himself into a new world, full of friends and surprises.

Dinosaur Dance, by Sandra Boynton

Dinosaur Dance

by Sandra Boynton

is starting NOW!

Join Boynton’s lively prehistoric bunch as they get everyone’s tails shaking for a feet-stomping good time. Whether they dance the Shimmy Shimmy Shake, the Quivery Quake, or just decide to Cha-Cha-Cha, young readers are sure to giggle along with these adorable creatures that are ready for a ROARING good time!

Baby Colors!

by Dawn Sirett

Help your baby learn all about colors with this chunky board book of first words.

From finding a roary green dinosaur to a cute yellow duck, your little one will love exploring fantastic colors in this bright baby book that encourages early learning. Babies and toddlers can lift flaps, explore the shape and texture of the tactile tabs, and enjoy the playful images and bold type--perfect for reading aloud and encouraging early word recognition.

How Do You Doodle?, by Elise Gravel

How Do You Doodle? Drawing My Feelings And Emotions

by Elise Gravel

Meet Otti, Ugga, and Flibb—They like to doodle.
They doodle all the time!
They doodle when they are mad, they doodle when they are glad, and they doodle when they are sad.
They doodle just about anything they want!

How Do You Doodle? has over 40 doodle games for you to doodle, scribble, and draw out your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. You can draw or write whatever you want in this book — cute drawings, silly drawings, even ugly drawings.

Be creative and express yourself! Your doodles will help you to understand and recognize your emotions and feelings.


They Say Blue, by Jillian Tamaki

They Say Blue

by Jillian Tamaki

In captivating paintings full of movement and transformation, Tamaki follows a young girl through a year or a day as she examines the colors in the world around her. Egg yolks are sunny orange as expected, yet water cupped in her hands isn’t blue like they say. But maybe a blue whale is blue. She doesn’t know, she hasn’t seen one. Playful and philosophical, They Say Blue is a book about color as well as perspective, about the things we can see and the things we can only wonder at.


Louise Loves Art

by Kelly Light

For fans of Olivia and Eloise, this stunning debut from Kelly Light is an irresistible story about the importance of creativity in all its forms.  Meet Louise. Louise loves art more than anything. It's her imagination on the outside. She is determined to create a masterpiece—her pièce de résistance!

Louise also loves Art, her little brother. This is their story.