Finding aids for Manuscript Collections

Manuscript collections at the Redwood Library and Athenaeum relate primarily to Newport and Rhode Island history from the colonial era through the twentieth century. Finding aids for these unique collections are available online for the first time due to funding provided by the van Beuren Charitable Foundation.


Links to online records are available courtesy of the Rhode Island Archival and Manuscripts Collection Online (RIAMCO), a consortium in which the Redwood Library participates. PDF files are also provided for each finding aid under 'PDF Attachments' below.


Questions regarding access to these collections should be directed to the Reference Staff at the Redwood Library.


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Account of the destruction of the British armed sloop Liberty at Newport, Rhode Island, 1769 and undated

Anonymous letter written to Edes and Gill, printers of the Boston Gazette, describign the destruction of the sloop Liberty by townsepeople and makes plain the high tensions that preceded the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783). 


Ainsworth (Nancy) poem, 2000

One poem, "Card Catalogue," composed by Nancy Ainsworth during the Sharon Olds Writers Workshop held at the Redwood Library and Athenaeum.


Almy's (Mrs. Mary) account of the cannonading of the French Fleet in Newport, 1778, 1878

Account of the cannonading of the French Fleet in Newport, Rhode Island, while the city was occupied by the British Army written by Mary Almy (1735-1808), a Loyalist, to her husband, Benjamin Almy (1724-1818).


Austin (William) certificate, 1813

Certificate signed by William Ellery (1727-1820), collector of the port of Newport, and W. Nichols, an officer, verifying that William Austin of the ship Anna Maria had secured the necessary duties of merchandize.


Bancroft (George) note, undated

George Bancroft (1800-1891) was a noted American historian, diplomat, and public official, who also kept a home in Newport, Rhode Island. This collection contains one undated note to an unidentified recipient.


Beauregard (P. T.) letter, 1857

Letter written by G. T. Beauregard (1818-1893), a United States Army engineer officer and later Confederate Army general, to Dr. Mercer regarding the British invasion on Washington, D.C during the War of 1812.


Birckhead collection of Redwood family papers, 1730-1866

Letters, receipts, and accounts relating to Abraham Redwood (1709-1788), the founder of the Redwood Library, and his business dealings in Newport, Rhode Island. Also included are documents concerning the Redwood Library, Abraham Redwood’s contemporaries in Newport, and later letters from David King, a former president of the Redwood Library.


Blackwell (Antoinette Louisa Brown) letter, 1869

Letter from Antoinette Louisa Brown Blackwell (1825-1921), the first woman ordained as a minister in the United States, to Thomas Wentworth Higginson, a Unitarian minister, regarding her publication, Studies in general science.


Bristow (John) arbitration award, 1755

An arbitration award between John Bristow and the owners of the Brigantine Amy: Henry Collins, Ebenezer Flagg, and Samuel Engs, all of Newport, Rhode Island.


Brooks (Charles Timothy) letter, 1878

Charles Timothy Brooks (1813-1883) was a Unitarian pastor in Newport, Rhode Island. This collection includes one letter addressed to Dr. J. Hammond Trumbull of Hartford, Connecticut, on July 2, 1878.


Brooks (Phillips) letter, 1880

Phillips Brooks (1835-1893) was a prominent Episcopal clergyman of Boston, Massachusetts. This collection consists of  one letter written to Thomas M. March (1812-1903), the Bishop of Rhode Island from 1854-1903.


Brown (John)  letter, 1859

Facsimile letter of John Brown (1800-1859) to his cousin, Reverend Luther Humphrey in Charlestown, Virginia, in which he reflects upon his imprisonment and upcoming death sentence as a result of his raid on Harper’s Ferry.


Brown (Samuel) letter, 1788

Letter from Samuel Brown (1753 or 1754-1825), a prominent Boston merchant, to William Vernon (1719-1806), regarding a letter received from [Robert] Gray (1755-1806) about his slaves.


Burke (Edward) collection of postcards, 1892-2013

This collection is composed primarily of postcards of scenes in Newport, R.I., with some various images from the rest of the state. Included in this collection are some postcards from the donor, Edward Burke, to his daughter Emily, and his parents. Some of the postcards have been used for correspondence, but show no connection to Mr. Burke.


Calvert (George Henry) papers, 1868-1885 and undated

Poems, visiting cards, newspaper clippings, and a letter concerning George Henry Calvert (1803-1889), a former Newport, Rhode Island, mayor and resident.


Carpenter, Jr. (Ralph E.) collection of manuscripts, 1711-1920 and undated

This collection consists mainly of letters, receipts, and accounts from 1711-1920 that were collected by Ralph E. Carpenter, Jr. (1910-2009). The majority of these documents regard various people, places, and events in Newport, Rhode Island, from the colonial period through the early twentieth century.


Carpenter, Jr. (Ralph E.) papers, 1870-2009

Ralph E. Carpenter, Jr., (1910-2009) was a respected connoisseur and collector of American decorative arts, instrumental in various historical preservation projects throughout Newport, Rhode Island. This collection consists of his correspondence, subject files, personal records, research materials, photographs, and scrapbooks documenting his career, historical preservation pursuits, and other personal interests.


Champlin (Marjorie W.) papers, 1943-1993 and undated

Correspondence Marjorie W. Champlin (1921-1993) of Jamestown, Rhode Island, received in reply to the letters she sent to various United States and Rhode Island legislators and politicians, college professors, journalists, a member of England’s House of Commons, and Queen Elizabeth’s personal secretary at Buckingham Palace.


Chase (Mary Ellen) letter, 1942

Letter from Mary Ellen Chase (1887-1973), a noted American novelist and professor at Smith College, regarding a public speaking engagement in 1942.


Cherokee Nation legislative act, 1902-1903

An act of the National Council of the Cherokee Nation signed and approved by Principal Chief T. M. Buffington (1855-1938) and President Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919).


Choate (Joseph Hodges), 1915

Letter from Joseph Hodges Choate (1832-1917), New York lawyer and diplomat, to General Francis V. Choate (1850-1921), Army officer and a former Rhode Island resident.


Church (Frederick S.) letter, circa 1900s

Undated letter from Frederick S. Church (1842-1924), an American artist and illustrator. This letter also includes original illustrations done by Church of his studio in Far Hills, New Jersey, and of various animals.


Claggett (William) invoice, 1749

Invoice from printer and engraver William Claggett (1696-1749) of Newport, Rhode Island, to the Colony of Rhode Island for currency printed in 1748.


Coddington (William) papers, 1735, 1775

Copy of the Brenton family marriage and birth records and minutes from town meetings in Newport, Rhode Island, both transcribed by William Coddington (b. 1710), town clerk.


Collection of Newport, R.I. deeds, 1761-1835

Deeds, receipts, memos, and plat maps concerning land in Newport, Rhode Island, particularly on Thames Street.


Collection of Redwood family papers, 1710-1999 and undated

Letters, legal documents, accounts, family histories, and other papers related to the Redwood family and its descendants, particularly Abraham Redwood (1709-1788), the founder of the Redwood Library and Athenaeum.


Collection of theater performances in Newport, 1980-1995

Newspaper clippings and playbills for various community theater productions performed primarily in Newport, Rhode Island, from 1980-1995.


Collection on the Redwood Library and Athenaeum, 1821-1990 and undated

Newspaper clippings and photographs concerning the Redwood Library and Athenaeum in Newport, Rhode Island.


Conkling (Hilda) poems, undated

Hilda Conkling (1910-1986) was a poet who produced all of her work by age fourteen. This collection includes three of her poems printed by the Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury College in Vermont under the title of “Hill Songs.”


Cortazzo autograph collection, 1656-1916 and undated

Autographs, letters and letter fragments, postcards, notes, calling cards, poems, military orders, and other official documents collected by Emma Cullum Cortazzo and her daughter, Katherine Cortazzo, from various literary, historical, and royal figures.


Custine (Adam Philippe, comte de Custine) letter of recommendation, 1782

Adam Phillippe, comte de Custine (1740-1793) was the colonel of the Saintonge regiment, part of the French expeditionary force led by Comte de Rochambeau (1725-1807), during the American Revolutionary War. In this document, written in French, Custine lists the various soldiers in his regiment and explains why they are deserving of payment, a pension, or promotion.


DeWolf (James) papers, 1786-1832

Correspondence, legal documents, and financial accounts regarding the privateering activities of the Brig Yankee during the War of 1812.


Easton family accounts and business records, 1835-1860, 1871-1883

Account books and reciepts compiled by various members of the Easton family of Newport, Rhode Island, including James C. Easton (1803-1861), William H. Easton (1834-1910) and George W. T. Tilley (1838-1898) of William H. Easton & Co.


Ellery (William) letter, 1798

Letter from William Ellery (1727-1827), collector of the port of Newport, Rhode Island, to David L. Barnes (1760-1812), Rhode Island District Attorney, regarding maritime law.


Franklin (Benjamin) and John Foxcroft receipt, 1763

Receipt to Thomas Vernon (1718-1784), postmaster for Newport, Rhode Island, from Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) and John Foxcroft (d. 1790), the deputy Postmasters General for North America in 1763.


Frothingham (Eugenia Brooks) letter, undated

Letter from author, Eugenia Brooks Frothingham (1874-1971) of Boston, Massachusetts, to an acquaintance.


Galsworthy (John) letters, 1910-1931

Letters written by English novelist and playwright, John Galsworthy (1867-1933), to admirers and acquaintances.


Gibbs (George) receipt, 1811

Receipt from George Gibbs (1766-1833) of Newport, Rhode, Island, for money received from Captain Daniel Brown.


Gibbs (Theodore K.) commissions, 1862, 1866

United States Army commissions conferred upon Theodore K. Gibbs (1840-1909) of Newport, Rhode Island, during his service in the American Civil War.


Gibbs (William C.) papers, 1822-1823

This collection consists of one letter and a commission, both signed by William C. Gibbs (1789-1871) during his term as governor of Rhode Island.


Gould (Stephen) genealogy of the Rodman family, 1822

Family history of the Rodman family of Newport, Rhode Island, compiled by Stephen Gould (1781-1838) of Newport.


Grant (Anne MacVicar) letter, 1831

Letter from Anne MacVicar Grant (1755-1838), a Scottish poet, to Lady Charlotte Bury (1775-1861), a British author and poet.


Grant (Ulysses S.) letter, 1877

Letter from Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885), 18th President of the United States, to his friend regarding his plans for after his presidency and his opinion on the Election of 1876.


Greene (William) letter, 1784

This letter from Governor William Greene (1731-1809) to the sheriff of Newport County, William Davis (fl. 1784), gives direction on when and how to announce the success of the Treaty of Paris (1783) between the United States and the King of England.


Hall (David Priestly) and David Prescott Hall papers, 1819-1907

Letters and commonplace books from New York City lawyers, who often spent their summers in Newport, Rhode Island: David Priestly Hall (1798-1868) and his youngest son, David Prescott Hall (1845-1907). Also included is a series of drafts recounting the history of the United States, written by David Prescott Hall as a young child, and letters sent between father and son.


Harrison (Peter) shipping agreement, 1740

Peter Harrison (1716-1775), was a ship master before beginning his career as a prominent architect in the American colonies. This collection consists of a printed agreement between Harrison and John Freebody to ship gold. 


Herbert (H. L.) letters, 1890

Letters from H. L. Herbert, first chairman of the United States Polo Association, to George Griswold of New York concerning the sport of polo.


Holmes (Samuel) letter, 1753

Letter from Samuel Holmes of Newport, Rhode Island, to Thomas Fareweather, a merchant in Boston, Massachusetts.


Hopkins (Samuel) letter, 1770

Letter from Samuel Hopkins (1721-1803), theologian and pastor at the First Congregational Church of Newport, Rhode Island, to Susanna Anthony (1726-1791) of Newport.


Hopkins (Stephen) receipt, 1775

Receipt from Stephen Hopkins on February 20, 1775, to Joseph Clarke (1719-1792), general treasurer of the colony of Rhode Island, with Hopkins’ request that Clarke pay the money granted to Hopkins during the eighth session of the Rhode Island General Assembly to Jabez Bowen (1739-1815).


Howe (Julia Ward) papers, 1897-1899 and undated

Julia Ward Howe (1819-1910) was a prominent writer, poet, reformer, and lecturer, who was best known for writing the "Battle Hymn of the Republic," and her contributions to the women's rights movement. This collection includes two letters and one poem written by Howe.


Hubbert (Frances) papers, 1936-1957 and undated

Letters sent to Frances Hubbert (1894-1967) of Newport, Rhode Island, regarding her efforts to have Lady Winifred Fortescue’s (1888-1951) 1935 publication,published in the United States.


Hunt family papers, 1858-1899 and undated

Letters addressed to members of the Hunt family, particularly renowned architect Richard Morris Hunt (1827-1895) and his wife Catherine Hunt (1830-1909), who were both summer residents of Newport, Rhode Island. 


Inferior Court of Common Pleas (Newport County) records, 1754-1756

Record book of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas in Newport County documenting civil disputes between individuals. Also includes loose copies of court decisions.


Irish family papers, 1775-1991

Financial accounts, legal documents and correspondence relating primarily to George Irish (1729-1801) and his immediate family. Records from the Bailey, MacKaye, Goodwin, and Atwood families, all descendants of George Irish, are also included.


Jefferson (Thomas) letter, 1790

Letter with a commission from Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) as Secretary of State to William Channing (1751-1793) of Newport, Rhode Island, appointing Channing as the United States attorney for Rhode Island.


Joynt (May L.) auction records, 1933-1983

Correspondence, financial records and photographs that document the purchase of silver at auction by Mrs. May L. Joynt.


Jefferson (Thomas) letter, 1821

A letter from Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) to Craven Peyton (1775-1837), a merchant, regarding Jefferson's partial payment on a loan from Peyton.


Lanier (Helen) collection of William Ellery papers, 1783, 1813, and undated

Three items relating to William Ellery (1727-1820) of Newport, Rhode Island.


Ledyard (Henry) collection, 1726-1899 and undated

Letters and legal documents collected and received by Henry Ledyard (1812-1880), who lived in Newport, Rhode Island, during his later years.


Leonberger (Elinor A.) collection of Redwood, Ellery, and other related families, 1746-1895

Letters, family papers, and newspaper clippings regarding the Redwood, Ellery, and related families such as the Weissenfels and Andersons from the 1746 through 1895. All of the represented families are lineal descendants of Abraham Redwood (1709-1788).


Lewis (Ida) papers, 1893, 1936

Letter from Ida Lewis (1842-1911), notable lighthouse keeper of Newport, Rhode Island, to Miss Elen F. Finlay. A newspaper clipping regarding Lewis is also included.


Lyton (Rosina) letter, 1881

Letter written by Irish novelist Rosina Lytton (1802-1882) to a Mr. Ancona on August 18, 1881.


Mahan (A. T.) letters, 1894 and undated

Letters written by A. T. Mahan (1840-1914), American naval officer and historian, to James R. Thursfield (1840-1923), British naval historian and journalist, and his wife.


Malbone (Godfrey) letter, 1780

Letter from Godfrey Malbone (1724-1785) regarding his petition for his land confiscated by the state of Connecticut.


Malbone (Godfrey) oath, 1763

This collection contains a printed oath filled in and signed at the Custom House at Newport, Rhode Island, certifying that Godfrey Malbone (1724-1785) and his brother John (1735-1795) were the owners of the bring Catherine. 


Mason (George C.) letters, 1876-1888

Letters written by George C. Mason (1820-1894) regarding the selling of his books, Newport and its cottages, and The old house altered.


Mason (George C., Jr.) letters, 1902

Letters by George C. Mason, Jr. (1849-1924), architect, and Mary Edith Powel (1846-1931) of Newport, Rhode Island, concerning by George C. Mason (1820-1894).


Melville (David) letter, 1853

Letter from David Melville (1773-1856) to his son, George W. T. Melville (1826-1900), both of Newport, Rhode Island, in which he provides news about his business and health.


Metrical History of Christianity, undated

Poem, known as the "Metrical History of Christianity," written by Edward Taylor (1642-1729), a colonial poet, physician and pastor. 


Moncrieffe (Malcolm) letter, 1930

Letter from Malcolm Moncrieffe, a polo field owner in Wyoming, regarding the 1929 publication, American polo by Newell Bent.


Moore (Thomas William) letter, 1812

Letter from Thomas William Moore in New York with confirmation from a British admiral that Newport, Rhode Island, would not be threatened by an attack from the British during the War of 1812.


Mumford family papers, 1776-1796

The Mumford family resided in Newport, Rhode Island. This collection consists of a note signed by John Mumford claiming the loss of livestock from his farm and a list of births, deaths, and marriages for members of the family.


Murphy collection of Van Alen papers, 1859-2001

James H. Van Alen (1902-1991) and Candace Van Alen (1912-2002), were a well-known high society couple who were instrumental in establishing the International Tennis Hall of Fame at the Newport Casino in Newport, Rhode Island. This collection documents their lives, residences and interests as well as their involvement in various activities and organizations through their own personal records, correspondence, financial and legal records, published and unpublished writings, clippings, audiovisual materials, and photographs.


Newport ephemera collection

The Newport ephemera collection, created and maintained by the Redwood Library and Athenaeum for reference purposes, consists of printed ephemera such as annual reports, brochures, bylaws, pamphlets, postcards, and programs documenting the people, society, historic homes and buildings, maritime activities, civic organizations, public celebrations, sporting events, commerce, art, and history of Newport, R.I.


Newport Horticultural Society records, 1921-1948

Judges’ records and printed lists regarding the society’s summer and fall flower exhibitions.


Newport vertical file

The Newport vertical file, created and maintained by the Redwood Library and Athenaeum for reference purposes, consists of articles, clippings, newspapers, photocopies, and reprints regarding the people, society, historic homes and buildings, maritime activities, civic organizations, music festivals, public celebrations, sporting events, commerce and industry, art, and history of Newport, Rhode Island.


Noyes (Isaac P.) memoir, 1877

Handwritten memoir by Isaac P. Noyes (1840-1900) recounting the sailing excursion he and four friend enjoyed in August 1877 along the Narragansett Bay.


O'Shaughnessy (Edith) letters, 1916

Letters written by Edith O’Shaughnessy (1870-1939), author, journalist, and wife of a diplomat, to an unidentified ambassador about her first publication in 1916,


Phelps (William Lyon) letter, 1929

Letter from William Lyon Phelps (1865-1943), Professor of English Literature at Yale University, to Dr. Roderick Terry of Newport, Rhode Island.


Phillips (Alexander A.) letters, 1966-1987

Letters received by Alexander A. Phillips of Newport, Rhode Island, from various prominent political, literary, and artistic figures.


Pierce (Franklin) authorization, 1855

Authorization from President Franklin Pierce (1804-1869) to Secretary of State William L. Marcy (1786-1857) to affix a seal to the 1853 Treaty with the Rogue River Indians.


Redwood Library and Athenaeum records

Effective immediately, the institutional archives of the Redwood Library and Athenaeum will be unavailable to our members and researchers as we embark upon a year-long project to comprehensively arrange and describe records from the establishment of the Library in 1750 to present day. This processing project will provide optimal intellectual and physical access to our archives for both interested researchers and our own staff. We apologize for any inconvenience as we work to reopen this collection completely for research by early 2018.


Rochambeau (Jean-Baptiste-Donatien de Vimeur, comte de) letter of recommendation, 1781

Letter of recommendation written by Comte de Rochambeau (1725-1807) regarding his recommendation for a soldier's promotion in the French Army during the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783).


Rovensky (John E.) papers, 1901-1970

John E. Rovensky (1880-1970) was a successful businessman and philanthropist who spent his time between New York, New York, Palm Beach, Florida, and Newport, Rhode Island. These papers document his career and personal life from 1901-1970 with correspondence, photographs, his own personal memoir and other miscellaneous materials.


Sherman, Sr. (Mrs. Edward A.) collection of autographs, circa 1870s-1941

Autographs and letters from various political, military, business, and other figures from the late nineteenth century through early twentieth century collected by Mrs Edward A. (Hazel Erma Poole) Sherman of Newport, Rhode Island.


Smith (Elizabeth Morris) collection, 1855-1934

Autographs, letters, poems, clippings, and other memorabilia from various poets, writers, artists, sports figures, and politicians collected by Elizabeth Morris Smith (1915-1994) of Newport, Rhode Island.


Sims (William Sowden) papers, undated

Letter from William Sowden Sims (1858-1936), an U.S. navy admiral, and a blank postcard given in thanks to contributors in Newport County, Rhode Island, for a doll house given to his children.


Stiles (Ezra) list of Church members, 1786

List of church members at the Second Congregational Church in Newport, Rhode Island, compiled by Ezra Stiles (1727-1795), renowned American scholar, theologian, and president of Yale.


Stuart Duncan estate architectural records, 1911-1919

Architectural drawings and other documents from John Russell Pope and the Olmsted Brothers for Stuart Duncan’s estate, Bonniecrest, in Newport, Rhode Island.


Sweet (George D.) bill of lading, 1776

Bill of lading for George D. Sweet (fl. 1774-1775), master of the Brig Othello, to Francis Mairez at an unidentified destination.


Tarkington (Booth) autograph, undated

Autograph from American novelist and dramatist, Booth Tarkington (1869-1946).


Terry (Roderick) journal with Ituna's log, 1913-1920

Journal kept by Rev. Roderick Terry (1849-1933), Presbyterian minister and Newport philanthropist, while onboard the steam yacht, Ituna. 


Terry, Jr. (Roderick) autograph collection, 1672-1940

Correspondence, financial accounts, poems, legal documents, notes, lists, and other documents primarily from individuals prominent in colonial and early United States history as well as notable literary figures.


Toussaint Louverture letters, 1800-1802

Touissant Louverture (1743-1803) was the leader of the Haitian Revolution (1794-1804) and in these two letters, written in French, he writes to a fellow citizen requesting the payment of certain accounts.


Trowbridge (Joseph) bill of lading, 1780

Bill of lading for Captain Joseph Trowbridge (1736-1790) of New Haven, Connecticut, for a shipment to Newport, Rhode Island, to be used by the French troops stationed there during the American Revolutionary War.


Turner family papers, 1797-1846

Deeds, accounts, court martial proceedings, and correspondence concerning various members of the Turner family of both East Greenwich and Newport, Rhode Island, particularly Dr. Peter Turner (1751-1822), Dr. William Turner (1757-1837), and Commodore Peter Turner (1803-1871).


United States Army Hospital meteorological diary, 1833-1835

A detailed daily recording of the weather, wind direction, and temperature maintained by a United States Army Hospital at Fort Wolcott on Goat Island in the Newport Harbor. 


Van Alen (James H. and Candace) papers, 1746-2002 and undated

James H. Van Alen (1902-1991) and Candace Van Alen (1912-2002), were a well-known high society couple who were instrumental in establishing the International Tennis Hall of Fame at the Newport Casino in Newport, Rhode Island. This collection consists of personal records, correspondence, published and unpublished writings, clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, audiovisual materials, artifacts, and textiles which document the lives, interests, and residences of James H. Van Alen and Candace Van Alen both separately and as a couple.


Van Dyke (Henry) letter, 1902

Letter from Henry Van Dyke (1852-1933), a Presbyterian clergyman, author, and professor concerning his old parish, the United Congregational Church in Newport, Rhode Island.


Vernon (Samuel and William) bill of exchange, 1768

Bill of exchange between the merchant firm of Samuel and William Vernon and Diederich Brameyer of Hamburg, Germany, on March 1, 1768, in which a payment is ordered to be made to Aaron Lopez (1731-1782), a merchant in Newport, Rhode Island.


Wanton (Gideon) letters, 1782-1786

Letters sent by Gideon Wanton of Newport, Rhode Island, to members of his family detailing his experiences as a young man learning the mercantile trade in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from 1782-1786.


Ward, Jr. (Samuel) diary with transcriptions, 1792-1794, 1989-1990

Diary with financial accounts kept by Samuel Ward, Jr., (1752-1832), officer in the American Revolutionary War and later a merchant, while traveling to Paris on business. Two typed transcriptions on his diary are also included.


Warner (Oliver Ring) letter, 1755

Letter from Oliver Ring Warner (ca. 1729-1799) in Kingston, Jamaica, to his employers Samuel (1711-1792) and William (1719-1806) Vernon in Newport, Rhode Island, on January 5, 1755.


Weld (Benjamin) spelling book, 1770-1772

This book belonged to Benjamin Weld (fl. 1770-1772) and was used for spelling and other small lessons.


Wetmore family papers, 1847-1950 and undated

Personal correspondence sent to and from members of the Wetmore family of Newport, Rhode Island. An unidentified photograph is also included.


Wharton (Edith) letters, 1883-1937

Letters and photocopies of letters written by renowned American author, Edith Wharton (1862-1937) to various members of Newport, Rhode Island society.


Wilder (Thornton) letters, 1948-1975

Letters written by Thornton Wilder (1897-1975), the successful American writer, to Roy S. and Margaret H. Anderson of Newport, Rhode Island.


Wind (Herbert Warren) letter, 1979

Letter from Herbert Warren Wind (1916-2005), an American golf writer, concerning the ranking of the best golf and tennis players of the time.


Wolcott (Oliver) letter, 1795

Letter from Oliver Wolcott (1760-1833), Secretary of the Treasury, to William Ellery (1727-1820), collector of the port of Newport, concerning the funding for a fort.

RLC.Ms.593  Richard L. Champlin papers, 1747, 1973-1998

Papers created or collected by case clock expert Richard L. Champlin in the process of researching and writing scholarly articles on reknowned Newport clockmaker William Claggett and his family.


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